E-commerce: Amazon to Begin Operation in Nigeria by 2023


Amazon, the American e-commerce behemoth, will look to disrupt the Nigerian e-commerce space when it launches in the country in 2023.

A leaked document sighted by Business Insider disclosed that the foremost e-commerce platform will launch operations in Nigeria, South Africa, Chile, Colombia and Belgium in April 2023.
According to the document, The marketplace which is due to lunch April in Nigeria will share the codename Project Fela with South Africa.
The development will have Amazon battle big e-commerce industry players like Konga, Jumia and other big names for market share.
Amazon will fight with Konga and Jumia, the two leading competitors in the Nigerian e-commerce industry, when it begins.
The document also revealed the listed  countries will build their own marketplaces and use Amazon’s fulfillment service, ‘Fulfillment by Amazon.’
 According to the report, Amazon’s prime membership program will be accessible in Belgium from the start, with additional nations following suit shortly after.
Amazon’s global footprint is expanding, with marketplaces in 20 different countries. The majority are in more developed economies, while Amazon has had a relatively minor footprint in emerging markets such as South America and Africa.


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